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DataCheckonline driving licence checking

The need

Department for Transport research concludes that over 553,000 hours per month are spent on the road by unlicensed drivers. Industry statistics show that nearly one in three of all drivers covering business mileage have penalty points on their licence. Every day, drivers' licences are revoked with or without their knowledge. The photo card driving licence introduced in 1998 has a ten year validity.

In our experience, over 80% of drivers holding these licences are unaware that they expire.

The solution

DataCheckTM is a secure, fully managed driving licence verification service delivering on-line results to driver enquiries directly from the DVLA driver database. The system verifies an individual driving licence record and status with enquiry results delivered at customer level in a secure web based application that provides a comprehensive range of on-line management reports and summary of any actions required.

To improve organisational efficiency, speed and accuracy the entire process is delivered on-line, the only paper required being a signed Data Protection Mandate.