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about us

Intelligent Data Systems was formed in 2004 to provide an innovative and robust electronic driving licence verification service for corporate fleet operators. Checking individual driver licences against the DVLA database provides accurate information, highlights risk areas and ensures compliance, all of which can be viewed through a dedicated and secure web portal.

Today, the products and services we provide have been developed to meet the increasing employer duty of care requirements and ensure that legal requirements in respect of work-related road safety are met. We have also developed bespoke software solutions to enable many of our customers to create their own risk management models.

Our key business objectives remain the same today as they did in 2004:

  • To deliver electronic products and services that improve accuracy, performance & reduce cost of delivery

  • Try to deliver paperless products and services: eco-friendly and reduce costs

  • Embrace web technology to deliver management information, on-line reports and customer support

  • Provide leading IT infrastructure, expertise and customer support

  • Deliver customer delight: exceed performance in all aspects of our service delivery

  • Continue to design and develop innovative industry leading solutions

In 2011, Intelligent Data Systems became part of AA DriveTech which itself is part of the Automobile Association. See our full portfolio of fleet and driver risk solutions.